Today a group of schoolchildren from the Montessori school of the Hague #🇳🇱 and school № 204 of St. Petersburg #🇷🇺 visited our consulate. The exchange programme between these schools exists for already more than 25 years. The pupils receive a unique opportunity to visit the Netherlands and Russia from a non-tourist perspective, because they stay in host families.

The project is about living and learning, understanding and bringing together different ideas and cultures. More specifically, the project provides the younger generation with a better understanding of a foreign culture and enlarges their interest in Dutch-Russian relations. During their visit to the consulate they get to know about the activities and projects of the consulate, consular work and visa-related issues. This opportunity provides them with a better understanding about how international relations work in practice.

We are very glad to have received the schoolchildren and their supervisors and wish them a pleasant stay in St. Petersburg!


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